Art and Culture, and the freedom of expression in society

“Give me the liberty to know, to utter and to argue freely according to conscience above all liberties….”                                                                                          -Milton’s “Areopagitica”

Music, movies, paintings, architecture, there is not a single soul here who can assuredly say that he has never come into contact with at least any one of these forms of art, in essence, art and culture affect all of us. They influence us, motivate us, inspire us and sometimes unite us. They are above all an expression, sometimes of an individual, sometimes of a society but usually of an entire nation. They reflect what that country is going through, and if we go deep, it can tell us what state that country is at present. That artist maybe a part of that society or he may be a mute spectator, but he is telling the world what he thinks, he expresses his opinion in a way that is truest to himself. Then why not let the artist express himself freely?

The artist is incomplete without his audience, an audience that will either appreciate his work of art or criticize it, but while they are at it, they will consider it. Consider the fact that things might not be exactly as they thought they were, hence, broadening their perspective and shattering the barriers of a stagnant thinking society. Give people the option to choose, choose what they would like to be inspired by, or what they think expresses them perfectly. But do not take away that option, because that is what a free thinking society is made up of, lots and lots of options, and the freedom to choose any of them. Image