Country road take me home to a place where my stomach is full

Imagine… Waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of your favourite breakfast. It could be bacon with French fries and eggs, or a masala omelette with toasted bread or maybe even some warm blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream . Accompanied with freshly brewed coffee of course. Pure bliss, isn’t it? We are taught ever since childhood that we must eat food to survive and to live to see our goals in life achieved. But have you realized how the food that we eat makes us who we are, who we talk to and who we want to be?

It’s not as simple as it seems because the evolution of food started eons ago when people were still collecting berries to feed their children and hunting was the new fad among men. The best hunters got the most beautiful wives and gave birth to the cutest little Neanderthals. Then with the discovery of the sacred art of cooking, edible options increased and humankind prospered. Food became more than just a means to support your family, and wars were beginning to erupt over who got the most fertile lands. Food, the sustenance of life also became the cause of many deaths. As time progressed and genetic engineering was beginning to become more viable, the shortage of food hit the Earth like a pandemic. One can still see pictures of sickly-starving African children begging for likes on social network websites surfacing every once in a while, and after the initial overwhelming burst of emotion, we continue with our lives like we were oblivious to their pain. It is in one of those moments I realized that people don’t make food, food makes people.

It is a well known fact that healthy people are happier people. I’m yet to meet a healthy fat person who does not know how to enjoy life, because when you’re happy your head is in the right place. You do not succumb to the lesser emotions of an angry mortal on a diet, and you know that you have a very highly prized possession- your happiness. And well, when you are sad sometimes, as you will be, you know you still have Belgian chocolate. The simplest and most convenient form of oral pleasure- a hot freshly baked meal that can make the gods go crazy with its aroma. So as long as you know when to say no, eat all you can. Because if everyone got happy, we’d all be super rich! Imagegs,